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We have reduced printed trail maps by 80% to continue our Commitment to Zero. Download the new interactive trail maps on the EpicMix app to navigate the mountain with ease.

Commitment to Zero


The accuracy of EpicMix wait times that display in the app and on on-mountain will vary by lift due to COVID-19 social distancing precautions. Due to the limit of how many guests can ride each lift, the lift lines may extend out farther than previous years. In addition, the lift line mazes have been re-imagined to provide a safer, less crowded waiting area which could affect how the wait time sensors measure the time. On-mountain teams are closely monitoring wait times in the app to mitigate any largely inaccurate times. 
EpicMix Photo has been temporarily deactivated for the 20/21 season due to COVID-19 safety precautions as there are no EpicMix photographers on mountain. You can access previously purchased EpicMix Photos by reaching out to a call center agent at epicmix@vailresorts.com. Please allow 6-8 weeks processing time to receive your photos. Thank you for your patience.
All features offered by EpicMix are now located on the mobile app, in one central location. You no longer need to visit several different locations for your information, it is all located in the mobile app.
You can reach out to our call center to add specific lifts to your account to update your stats. However, in the new EpicMix app, your stats do not break down by specific lift so you will not know which lift to add to your stats. This feature will be re-integrated into the app in the coming seasons in an improved and re-imagined experience. 
The EpicMix app requires a download of each resort's interactive trail map when you access the trail map for the first time. This allows you to access all interactive features of the map when you're offline or don't have cell service. You do not need to download the interactive trail map each time you open the map, only the first time you open the trail map. 
Yes. On the "Plan Your Day" tab on the Resort Dashboard, there is a Passholder Reservations button that will link you to the reservation availability page for passholders. You can also edit a pre-existing reservation by going to your account under the "My Account" tab in the app.
Historical EpicMix pins and badges have been temporarily deactivated for the 20/21 season. This feature will be re-integrated into the app in the coming seasons in an improved and re-imagined experience.
The Passholder Reservations button in the EpicMix app links you to EpicPass.com where you can make reservations at any of the available resorts on the Epic Pass, regardless whether the resort is available in the EpicMix app.
To access a family or household account, navigate to the "My Account" tab and select the "My Account" button under your profile name. This will link you to your household account on EpicPass.com. If you do not see a "My Account" button, you will need to select the "Login" button first to login to the EpicMix app and link your accounts.
EpicMix Race and EpicMix Academy have been temporarily deactivated for the 20/21 season. Race and Academy are being re-imagined for a more integrated and easy-to-use experience.
To answer any questions regarding the EpicMix app, you can reach out to our call center by navigating to the "My Account" tab and selecting the "Contact" or "Report an Error" button in the menu.