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Pass Holder Reservations

Already have your pass for the 2020/21 season? You are now able to make reservations for resorts currently open (Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, Breckenridge, Whistler Blackcomb, Heavenly, Northstar, Park City, Crested Butte, Okemo, Stowe, Mt Snow & Afton Alps) and resorts opening in the upcoming week (Kirkwood & Stevens Pass). You can also lock in Priority Reservation Days during the core season (Dec. 8 – April 4) across ALL of our resorts. As a reminder, pass holders can reserve up to 7 days for the core season in advance.

As our resorts start to open for the season, you can take advantage of exclusive early season access by making week-of reservations. Early season reservations (which run through Dec. 7) are released each Wednesday for the following week. Booking a week-of reservation does not count against your Priority Reservation Days for the core season. CLICK HERE for a full list of resort opening days and reservation releases.

Make a Reservation Not making a reservation? Visit website >

How Our Waiting Room Works

  1. Enter Waiting Room by clicking the link above.
  2. Once you’re in the waiting room, you will see your place in line to access the reservation system. Your place in line will be held until it’s your turn to reserve your days.
  3. Enter your email address, and we will send you a message when it’s your turn to make your reservation. Make sure you’re checking your email—once you get the alert that it’s your turn to reserve, you will have a 20-minute window to click on the link provided and access the reservation system.
  4. Don’t want to wait? There is no need to rush to reserve your Priority Reservation Days. We designed this exclusive month-long booking window to accommodate our pass holders' requests.
Make a Reservation

How Our Pass Holder Reservations Work

  1. Sign into 'My Account.'
  2. Choose the resort you want to visit and pick the days you want to ski and ride, based on your pass type.
  3. Choose the pass holders in your household who are going with you.
  4. Add your contact info and click 'Complete Reservation.'
  5. Repeat the process to reserve more days at a different resort.
  6. Check your email for confirmation(s) – your pass is now active for the days you reserved!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is there a waiting room? How long should I expect to wait?
  • Excitement for the season ahead is high, and to help you navigate our site on the busiest days, we've implemented an online waiting room. When you enter the queue, you will be shown both your place in line and the expected wait time. You may check back as often as you’d like to see your real-time spot in line. Enter your email address and we’ll send you a message when it’s time to reserve your days. Once it’s your turn, you will have 20 minutes to click the link in your email and enter the site.
  • What if my browser closes/computer shuts down? What if I’m on a mobile device?
  • Once you are in the pass holder reservations waiting room, we highly recommend you to enter your email address so we can send you a message when it’s time to reserve your days. As long as you enter your email, your place in line is secure – even if you close your browser or your computer shuts down – and we will automatically notify you when it is your turn. If you choose to not enter your email and wait, as long as you have cookies enabled and do not delete them you'll be able to close your browser and your place in line will be saved. However, we highly recommend you enter your email address. When you submit it you will receive a confirmation email with a link that links back to the waiting room and is tied to your place in line.
  • What if I miss the email or my 20-minute window?
  • If you miss your window, you can immediately join the waiting room again. If you’re booking Priority Reservation Days, there is no rush – the window for Priority Reservation Days is exclusive to pass holders until Dec. 7. If you are booking week-of reservations, we encourage you to simply re-join the waiting room to reserve your days. We designed this exclusive month-long booking window to be able to accommodate our pass holders' requests.
  • Is there any other place that I can access the reservation system without waiting?
  • Reservations can only be booked on www.epicpass.com or across all of our North American resort sites. Each of these sites is powered with a waiting room to help you navigate our sites on the busiest days.